Loading Bays

We replace and refurbish all loading bay equipment as well as providing redesign services. We provide a fully project managed service covering supply, installation and ongoing maintenance across elements including Nytrex ® bumpers, loading bay shelters, inflatable seals, pit letterbox infill, trailer standing plates and wheel guides.

Given that loading bays consist of a number of moving parts – both mechanical and human – health and safety is the key consideration in their design, refurbishment and replacement. Beyond providing a safe working environment, we work with you to increase the efficiency of loading and unloading, and ensure you benefit from a flexible facility that can accommodate a variety of different vehicle types and sizes where required.

We also ensure alignment with your operational practices and procedures, and advise on ongoing maintenance to maximise the lifetime of the equipment, optimise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

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Loading Bay Bumpers

Loading Bay Dock Bumpers offer substantial savings by preventing building and dock damage as well as reducing ongoing maintenance costs. As well as standard moulded and laminated rubber dock bumpers and dock buffers, we provide Nytrex® bumpers as a hard wearing and long lasting alternative.    

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Loading Bay Shelters

We supply and install loading bay shelters, helping you to both improve working conditions and increase energy efficiency. We provide highly robust shelters in a variety of sizes that withstand a high level of wear and tear, and offer ample protection from the elements for both people and products. A range of shelters are available... Read more »

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Loading Bay Inflatable Seals

Inflatable seals provide many financial and operational benefits for warehousing, distribution and processing centres. As well as protecting loading bay employees throughout loading and unloading in poor weather conditions, inflatable loading bay seals provide excellent insulation to prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency. Inflatable seals also provide flexibility by accommodating vehicles of different sizes... Read more »

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Loading Bay Pit Letterbox Infill

A build up of debris in the dock leveller pit and letterbox area can disrupt operations and incur considerable maintenance costs. In addition, the open gaps in these areas make it easy for vermin to enter buildings; again, this can be disruptive to the smooth running of the facility and result in expenditure on specialists... Read more »

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Trailer Standing Plates

Standing legs on trailers can cause damage to concrete floors resulting in costly repair bills and rendering loading bays unusable. Standing plates provide sturdy protection for loading bay floor areas and provide a secure interface for trailer standing legs; additional benefits include reduced health & safety risks through improved stability and prevention of trailer creep... Read more »

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Wheel Guides

Wheel guides benefit both efficiency and health & safety in warehousing, distribution and processing centres. Highly visible in safety yellow, the guides provide ultra-clear visual direction for drivers when reversing into loading bays, ensuring that the truck and trailer can be positioned correctly, safely and quickly.  

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How can we help?